Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arrr matey, a beard!

Well, december has been yarnbombing slow because of the usual reasons. School, work, general apathy, winter commercial holiday, e.t.c.
On a personal note though, I got commisioned from a friend of mine to make a bearded hat that made him look vauguely piratey.
This is what came out of it.

I think it turned out rather well. Or at least better than the first one.
And do you see the skull and crossbones?
Felt. I gotta say, making symbols or attachables out of felt is pretty ingenious. Thanks internet for teaching me that one XD
I hope to make more. They make people happy and laughing when they see one. I also want to make other unique hats too.
But right now, Hyperbolic crochet has me completely captivated.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pizza and Tagging: Tree, A follow up story

So if you remember to last April (if any of you were following me then) you will remember my series of Pizza and tagging. It was delicious btw.
Anyway, my mother was in town last week and I showed her some of my tags that were still in town.
Do you guys remember the Kelsey one from summer? Well it was still up! Until about two days after I showed my mom. Then it came down. Odd timing XD

Anyway, the longest standing tag award goes to the lovely one I did on the tree in front of the cool people's house.
Here is an updated shot of how it looks now after almost a year of rain, and dirt and exhaust cause they really need to do something about the traffic on that road.

And in case you forget (or are too lazy to did through archives to see old pics XD) here is what it looked like fresh up.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh my Victoria, you what you have done now

This wasn't me.
I wish this was me.

But alas, this was not me.
In light of the fact that this was not me, I would really really like to know who did do this.

I mean, it's almost in front of the yarn store The beehive, or busy bee... something like that.
And it is also infront of the queer thift store, Out of the Closet. Two groups I believe to be really into knitting and crochetting.
So, I don't know who did these amazing trees, but let me tell you, I am jealous of these people in the best way possible.

Thank you whoever did this, for making Victoria, B.C. a better, brighter place to live.
Finding these made my day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, often times, when I am waiting for something, like a class or the bus, I have taken to making my lil flowers.
(I have to take a break tomorrow for a special secret project that only happens tomorrow)
Anyway, the other day while waiting for class to start, I decided to tag the classroom with the flower I had just made.

I simple thing. I mean to check on friday whether or not it is still there. Given the understaffing of my college, I imagine that is a possability.
Here's a close up of it on the projector.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part SKYTRAIN!

Ok, well, there wasn't actually really that much more to my trip.
Well, actually there was tons more to my trip, but not really any more bombing XD
This was my first time on the skytrain, so I was super excited. And it seems really high tech. Or at least more high tech than the LRT in Edmonton.

So I tagged it. Because I could!
Also, Harry potter broom!

Ok, so it is not a yarnbomb (although I did seriously think about tagging them, if I had had the time) but it is a neat graffiti. Someone put at least 5 (that's how many different ones I saw, but there could be more) different broom sticks, chained to bike racks (as if they had rode them there XD) around downtown Vancouver.

I love them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part 2

After the ferry, I had to wait for Steve. Steve moved to van 6 months back and was gonna play tourguide for me and Sabine.
While I waited, I tagged the ferry sign!

And the bench, but that was because the brown got all tangled and I had to cut a section out and I didn't know what to do with the section that was tangled XD

After a while, Steve came and we went to pick up Sabine from the airport. I tried tagging things along the way, but they were eager, and buses did keep coming really quick for us XD
So I didn't get to do another tag until way later in the day, when Sabine and I were just out walking around, scoping vancouver.

It was... I dunno, the rail? The flowers? I am not sure what drew me in. But the fact that it matched Sabine, and there was so much accidental blue and purple, makes me love this particular bomb so much.
It helps that my wonderful Sabine is in the bomb. It was a great lil flower tag. Up next: Skytrain!

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part 1

Ok, so perhaps quarter after 12 at night is really the best time to be blogging about my yarn adventures, but heck, why not. I cannot sleep anyways.
So in the middle of the week, as kind of a reading-break-that-we-don't-actually-get-in-college, I went across the water to Vancouver. My friend Sabine was there for a show, so I got to see her too.
But I am getting ahead of myself.
First and formost, I had to get myself on a ferry. I was a little scared, as I had never done such a thing before. But my gf walked me through it, and I made it on ok.
Then I got excited and started tagging XD
I whipped out a couple flowers to put around the boat. The best idea I came up with was to put them on the railings. So I went out the starboard side (-giggle- is that left?) and put up this cute little number.

Then I went around the other side and put up this one by a lovely lifesaving device.
It doesn't seem to take me any time at all to produce the cute little flowers. It seems I can make one in around 15 minutes.

Makes leaving them everywhere highly enjoyable.
Although I kind of want to spend an afternoon in a tree just crocheting the flowers directly to it XD

Friday, November 5, 2010

I may have gone a little mad

I wanted a task that would use up all my little balls of ends.
At first, I thought of making a bunch of little squares and stitching them all together in various shapes and sizes. Making little patchwork quilts for trees or rural objects.
But I thought coming up with something that forced me to learn a new skill sounded like a better plan.
So I went to youtube and I looked for a video to teach me how to crochet a flower. I found This lovely video and set out to make them.

And then I went a little mad.

so far, 22 "flowers" worth of mad. But by the time you read this, I cannot say how many flowers worth of mad it may be. Also, I say "flowers" cause if you'll see, this one looks a heck of a lot like coral.

(this was it before the black trim)
At least a lot more like coral than like a flower.
Let's just say I took her pattern and ran with it.
I don't want to stop making them though. I actually bought more ends for next to nothing because I wanted to make even MOAR colorful flowers. XD
This is very entertaining I must say. I want a whole bunch of them. So when I bomb them, it will truly be something to see.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Sure enough, just as soon as comment on not doing any yarnbombing, I get out and go yarnbombing.
My friend and I rode our bikes to what the map said was "Knockan Hill Park". I have no idea what I thought it was going to be like, but I know that I was shocked by what it was.

It was a hill. It was pretty much rocks and trees and that was it. Moving my bike up it while caring 2 litres of liquid is not cool.
Anyway, I ended up tagging a tree with this lovely.

I'm hoping to spit out some Halloween ones here pretty soon. I like theme ones and hopefully if I a) make them soon enough and b) get them out soon enough, hopefully they can stick around for Halloween and make everyone happy XD

P.S. i wish glow sticks lasted longer...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Not really a bomb...

Ok, I'll admit.
I have been distracted.
And it's not even by school!
A couple on months back, when I was enamoured with both etsy and yarnbombing, I stumbled across those bearded beanies.
I wondered if I could make myself one.
Well it turns out that I can! It was only a prototype, but it turned out surprisingly well. ( My roomate said it made me look like a homeless person)

And I learned a couple things about crochet.
And about myself.
I learned that I could make just about anything if I set my mind to it. With nothing but a crochet hook, yarn and imagination (ok, and possibly stuffing of some kind : D)
So after that, I was interested to try my hand at Amigurumi. I had seen someone make my beloved favorite videogame character Miso from Katamari (which I posted on my tumblr for Katamari http://katamaridamacy.tumblr.com/ ) so I thought I would give it a whirl.
It surprisingly turned out really well!

Again, for not following any kind of pattern, just going with how it was turning out and the basic skills I have.
So after the success of both those projects I wanted to try something a little more ambitious.
You remember my friends helmet? The one I put on the statue? The one with the broom on top? : D
I wanted a hat like that. A hat like a roman helmet.
Check it out!

It worked!
A couple people have said that I should make the fringe higher, more pronounced.
What do you think?
I also made a lance.

It... kinda... goes with the helmet. If I was to be completely true to the lance, I would try my hand at making a knights helmet, but that I do believe will be really hard. I do keep rolling the idea around inside my head either way.
Anyways, I realize this is not yarn bombing. I really do want to bomb some more ( and I even have some tags ready to go) but I have been distracted by these wonderful hats XD
Next I am trying a samurai helmet/hat. My broom helmeted friend doesn't think it's possible. I'll show him.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And now for something completely different

Here's Roy.
Good ol Roy hangs out on the bridge to Mattick's farm.
While on our bike ride, we stopped to take a break (and yarn bomb my spine tag!) by dear old Roy and decided to have an improptue photo shoot.

Roy's never looked better in my friends fetching Marvin the Martian style helmet ( or as drunk people around town like to yell, Spartan!!) and the Hufflepuff tag/scarf I made in tribute to my girlfriend.

That's also my friends incredibly pimpin Townie that he just picked up. Roy looks like he would love to go for a ride XD
Keep up the good work Roy.

Beacon hill Tree earrings

I wanted to do a fancy, lacey tag for my friends fantastic new bike.
But needless to say, I don't know how XD
I will keep trying at it, but my attempt fell somewhat short of what I was hoping to do.
So instead of being upset that it didn't work out, I attached them to a tree in beacon hill park.

I think they are a subtle contribution to the loveliness that is the park. So subtle you can barely see them.

I love being there, with all the ponds, and ducks, and geese, and peacocks and squirrels XD
I hope they all enjoy my lil tag.
Today was just such an awesome day.

Bike ride to Mattick's farm: Spine

For a long time now, I have had this piece complete that I have called "the spine".
I really like it because I have this odd fascination with bones.
Anyway, I could never find a good enough spot for this tag, taking it out with me on over a dozen different tagging outings and just never putting it up.

Finally, today!
I found the perfect spot for it, just up enough that you would have to go out of your way to claim this lovely yarn bomb.

As I was taking picture of it, a woman stopped on her bike and asked me if I had made the tag. Grudgingly, I acknowledged my part in its creation. I was happy that she complimented it and said that it was something she wanted to get into, but it was a lot of work to just give it away. I told her about my efforts in Buddhist non attachment, and all in all it was lovely conversation about one of my favorite yarn bombs to date!

P.s. If they look like bonbons, or something else to you instead of vertebrae, don't worry. You are not alone. My intent and my execution are not always the same thing XD

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bike ride to Mattick's farm: Contribution piece

Today, my friend and I went on a bike ride to Mattick's farm. It's a neat little place with some shops, a wonderful country style grocery store, and a miniature golf course (or two 18 hole courses to be exact). Our interest this time round was in the mini golf, as it is one of my favorite past times.
Long story short, I beat my friend XD
On our way there however, I stopped to put up a couple tags.
When we first went on this bike ride, we passed a house that had all this stuff by the side of the road. Art stuff. Gnomes, painted rocks, glass works. All kind of art stuff creating this side of the road display. It even had a radio playing music that you could listen to as you went by.
I loved it.
So like Rico's Fan-Ta-Sea Isle, I really wanted to add to it.

Thus, I contributed my Hufflepuff tag to this lovely woman's art display.
There was even a marker and a lil book that you could write stuff in. So I wrote about how awesome her thing was, left my blog addy, and went on my merry lil way.

We played our golf, and then as we were heading back, I noticed that the display looked different. There was more art, and oddly enough there was something hanging from my tag.

I went closer to look and realized that the lady's whose house this was at had added the tag, along with some other art.

It was super touching to be able to work with this woman, even anonymously.
What a marvelous day!

P.s. There was more written on the back of this note, now that I look at the pictures I took. I don't know what it said, but now I feel the need to go back and find out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bridge Protection

I have recently gotten in the habit of tagging my friends bikes.
They like it, I like it, brings attention to yarn, so it's win/win for everyone.

But I have been having trouble with one friends bike. He has a lot going on with it already, so there isn't really a place for me to easily place a tag.
I did come up with an idea though: To put a shield on the front of his bike, like a knight jousting (but bicycle instead of noble steed XD).

It didn't fly though. I should also mention that my friend has a broom on top of his helmet, emulating the Marvin the martian style. It was slightly thematic, but he said it was all too bold. -Pfft-

Anyway, the shield that I made for his bike, ended up being the lovely centerpiece for this bridge, over looking Victoria's lovely *coughshittycough* new Uptown complex. Bah.
In case you were wondering, the images are as follows: An X, the infinity symbol (which didn't show up well in these images due to flash), a fleur de lis, and a red dragon XD

My Bike Tag

When my bus pass ran out for summer, I realized I would have to transport myself somehow.
I had a couple run down broken bikes that were more frames and rusted metal/broken rubber than anything else, so I didn't have a working bike.
Buddy of mine lent me the use of his old bike though and here it is, in all its tagged up glory XD

         I like it XD

I finally have a bike that has a milk crate on it. I have always wanted that.