Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part SKYTRAIN!

Ok, well, there wasn't actually really that much more to my trip.
Well, actually there was tons more to my trip, but not really any more bombing XD
This was my first time on the skytrain, so I was super excited. And it seems really high tech. Or at least more high tech than the LRT in Edmonton.

So I tagged it. Because I could!
Also, Harry potter broom!

Ok, so it is not a yarnbomb (although I did seriously think about tagging them, if I had had the time) but it is a neat graffiti. Someone put at least 5 (that's how many different ones I saw, but there could be more) different broom sticks, chained to bike racks (as if they had rode them there XD) around downtown Vancouver.

I love them!

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