Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day out with friends


This is Dave. Dave really approves of my yarn bombing. I should tell him that I'll teach him crochet and he can do it with me.

This Victoria day (yesterday) I decided to get some sunshine and hang out in some local parks with my friends. Now an oppurtunity like this for tagging cannot be passed up, so I threw some tags in my bag and away we went.

Before me and my other buddy met up with Dave, I decided to try my hand at those fence hearts some taggers have done.
For my first try, I like to think I did pretty good. More of them all over would have been cool, but of course my friends showed up right as I was doing it, so some of the mystery was lost.

Then we all went for an epic walk. We crashed on this bench and watched all the dogs go by. As we rested, I threw on this little tag that I made while waiting on my gf to get out of the book fair last week.

I like it. It's brightly colored. I was just goofing off with trying different patterns of color.
Next stop, different patterns of pattern!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gazebo Revisited

When the tag covering the metal empty power box at the Gazebo went away, a lot of my friends were sad. We all liked it's bright colors and I think Dave was really glad to help me put it up.
Well, I was determined to replace it, but perhaps with something more sturdy and something that while beautiful, would blend in like the one that is still on the lamp post down by the Gazebo.
Then I saw this helpful video posted on Where the Woolly Things Are about making flowers. I decided that it would be perfect for a tag in the garden to have flowers on it (you can't really see all the flowers and flowering plants surrounding the Gazebo, but they're there!)

I think it looks really pretty! And blends in really well!

Here's a close up look at the flowers. I think the camera made the yarn look a lot bluer than it really was. It is really kinda bluey green, but not that blue.

Here's how I left it at the Gazebo. I hope this one stays there a good long while.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A gift for a friend

So, I have these two good friends. They helped me out when things really sucked for me, when I didn't have a place to live.
Anyways, I decided that I would do something nice for them. See, they bought a new house and now it is looking pretty fab, because they have spent the last 6 months fixing it up. One of my friends showed me her garden out front, which included a little gnome and his acompanying toadstool. I was inspired to add to her little garden.
Tada! I saw someone do rocks for a beach and got inspired to do my own rocks. Once I did them though, I wasn't sure what to do with them.          
I think they make a perfect addiction here though. I didn't tell my friend that I tagged her garden though. I am just waiting to see if she see's they and realizes it was me or not.
You can see the gnome in this one... not really the toadstool, but the gnome. And the birdbath.
My friends garden is really quite pretty.
I can't wait to make more of these rocks. Perhaps I should do a series of them where I leave knitted (ok, crocheted) rocks in random places. That sounds like fun.

re up

I do have a new tag post that I will put up shortly. I am trying to sort out some internet stuff on the side.
In the mean time though, I have this for you!
Yes yes, you have seen this one before.
Funny story.
So obviously, I put this one up at least a month back. And I never went back to check on it. My gf said it wasn't there anymore when she went by a while afterwards.
So I was wandering around over there the other day, noticed it wasn't there, but that's when I noticed it was on the ground. Someone had just cut what was attaching it to the pole, but not the actual tag itself.
Of course, I grabbed it and simply reattached it. It was a little dirty from being in the leaves and bramble and such, but it still looks great. I dusted it off a bit before reattaching it.
Hopefully it stays up there a bit longer, but I am sure I can play this game with whoever as long as they want to play.
Enjoy! I'm off to the book fair!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I realize that I have put up entirely too many text based posts lately. I apoligize, and do promise that I have pictures to put up very very soon! I was editting them last night even. But I have a cold, so I have been less than enthused about.. well everything really.
Anyways, on to business.
I stubbled across the most awesome site the other day. It's like the Facebook of the yarn community.
.. I shouldn't say that... Facebook is terrible.
Anywho, it's called Subversive Yarn. I joined, uploaded some pics, started chatting. It's awesome, so I suggest you check it out if you haven't already.
Oh, and add me as a friend. I would love to be friends with you -smile-.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fauxtoe horring

Hello again,
I thought I would mention that I got a Flickr account for all my photos. I watched this video that a woman did on one of the various yarn bombing blogs that I follow, and she talked about Flickr being a great place to meet people who yarn bomb and see their photos.
So I did just that, joined, uploaded and now I am sharing the link with all of you:
Grandmother's Legacy on Flickr
I hope you check it out.