Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, often times, when I am waiting for something, like a class or the bus, I have taken to making my lil flowers.
(I have to take a break tomorrow for a special secret project that only happens tomorrow)
Anyway, the other day while waiting for class to start, I decided to tag the classroom with the flower I had just made.

I simple thing. I mean to check on friday whether or not it is still there. Given the understaffing of my college, I imagine that is a possability.
Here's a close up of it on the projector.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part SKYTRAIN!

Ok, well, there wasn't actually really that much more to my trip.
Well, actually there was tons more to my trip, but not really any more bombing XD
This was my first time on the skytrain, so I was super excited. And it seems really high tech. Or at least more high tech than the LRT in Edmonton.

So I tagged it. Because I could!
Also, Harry potter broom!

Ok, so it is not a yarnbomb (although I did seriously think about tagging them, if I had had the time) but it is a neat graffiti. Someone put at least 5 (that's how many different ones I saw, but there could be more) different broom sticks, chained to bike racks (as if they had rode them there XD) around downtown Vancouver.

I love them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part 2

After the ferry, I had to wait for Steve. Steve moved to van 6 months back and was gonna play tourguide for me and Sabine.
While I waited, I tagged the ferry sign!

And the bench, but that was because the brown got all tangled and I had to cut a section out and I didn't know what to do with the section that was tangled XD

After a while, Steve came and we went to pick up Sabine from the airport. I tried tagging things along the way, but they were eager, and buses did keep coming really quick for us XD
So I didn't get to do another tag until way later in the day, when Sabine and I were just out walking around, scoping vancouver.

It was... I dunno, the rail? The flowers? I am not sure what drew me in. But the fact that it matched Sabine, and there was so much accidental blue and purple, makes me love this particular bomb so much.
It helps that my wonderful Sabine is in the bomb. It was a great lil flower tag. Up next: Skytrain!

Little Flower Bombs: My Trip to Van part 1

Ok, so perhaps quarter after 12 at night is really the best time to be blogging about my yarn adventures, but heck, why not. I cannot sleep anyways.
So in the middle of the week, as kind of a reading-break-that-we-don't-actually-get-in-college, I went across the water to Vancouver. My friend Sabine was there for a show, so I got to see her too.
But I am getting ahead of myself.
First and formost, I had to get myself on a ferry. I was a little scared, as I had never done such a thing before. But my gf walked me through it, and I made it on ok.
Then I got excited and started tagging XD
I whipped out a couple flowers to put around the boat. The best idea I came up with was to put them on the railings. So I went out the starboard side (-giggle- is that left?) and put up this cute little number.

Then I went around the other side and put up this one by a lovely lifesaving device.
It doesn't seem to take me any time at all to produce the cute little flowers. It seems I can make one in around 15 minutes.

Makes leaving them everywhere highly enjoyable.
Although I kind of want to spend an afternoon in a tree just crocheting the flowers directly to it XD

Friday, November 5, 2010

I may have gone a little mad

I wanted a task that would use up all my little balls of ends.
At first, I thought of making a bunch of little squares and stitching them all together in various shapes and sizes. Making little patchwork quilts for trees or rural objects.
But I thought coming up with something that forced me to learn a new skill sounded like a better plan.
So I went to youtube and I looked for a video to teach me how to crochet a flower. I found This lovely video and set out to make them.

And then I went a little mad.

so far, 22 "flowers" worth of mad. But by the time you read this, I cannot say how many flowers worth of mad it may be. Also, I say "flowers" cause if you'll see, this one looks a heck of a lot like coral.

(this was it before the black trim)
At least a lot more like coral than like a flower.
Let's just say I took her pattern and ran with it.
I don't want to stop making them though. I actually bought more ends for next to nothing because I wanted to make even MOAR colorful flowers. XD
This is very entertaining I must say. I want a whole bunch of them. So when I bomb them, it will truly be something to see.