Sunday, August 26, 2012

Midnight yarn bombing

Hello everyone!
I'm moving! -laughs- In the physical world, I am in the process of packing up all my lovely yarn.
And that means going through all of my creations.
Yet again I had enough failed dead end projects to make a scrap blanket.

(also forgive all these terrible photos. I forgot my camera and had to rely on ipod. However my friend took better photos with her phone, so perhaps I will do another entry with those photos as well when I get my hands on them)
So I called up a couple friends and was like, we seriously need to do a huge yarnbombing night because I have a bunch of things that need to end up yarnbombed.
I also still had the left over pieces that got saved from the Space Invaders project. The solar system needed to be rebombed somewhere.

Funny story about the solar system. When I unpacked it all, it seemed I was missing two planets (minus Pluto  because it's not really a planet anyway). One of my yarnbombing cohorts, Brandy, said we couldn't go bomb it with missing planets. So we banged out two more planets while playing apples to apples and then went and yarn bombed.

I few people talked at us while we bombed. Most of them intoxicated that late on a Saturday night. Some questioned what we are doing, others made comments of approval, and of course, some looked at us like we all had several eyes and at least another head.

Everyone helped out and it ran waaaaaaaaay more smoothly than the first time it was installed.
Then we took the left over space invaders sleeves and the scrap blanket and went and decorated some trees near the space invaders bomb.

Brandy climbed a tree to get sleeves on the branches, after I wrapped the scrap blanket around the base.

Danika wandered off and put some of the sleeves on lower branches of another tree.

And Shanetlle and I took pictures. While Arianne enjoyed the experience, having never been apart of something like yarn bombing.
Anyway, I had an amazing night with friends and yarn bombing. I hope to get my hands on some of the better photos. I will do another post when I get my hands on those photos.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Woollypoles beginning

Hey everyone!

Have you heard about Woollypoles? Brought to you by the same wonderful creator of the woolly walk along.
Anyway, I am helping out and have already started working on my contribution piece.

I'm hoping to embellish it tons, make it really sea-ish.
Lot's of other people's works are looking really good too! I cannot wait for this. Joined events like this are crazy for anticipation with me.
Stay tuned for more news from the woollypoles!
Check here to read more about it and see how everyone's work is coming along.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fibrations 2012

I'm tired everyone.
I walked around the Fibrations festival for a few hours today. I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time and in some cases, not since last year.
Anyway, the first amazing thing that happened was that I went over to the demo booth, and who should be displaying there but Nerdigurumi! Ever since I found their site through looking for a Bioshock Big Daddy pattern, I have visited it often to see what other new awesome patterns they will create (they also have an amazing Prince from Katamari that I have posted on my Katamari tumblr!) So you can imagine what it was liking meeting the actual creator behind these amazing creations.

After that wonderful experience, I ran across the Knotty by Nature table and talked with owner Ryan. We discussed hand spinning. I would love to get into it, but first I wanna tackle felting.
There were a lot of tables focusing on felting.

Then I wandered around the festival looking for my friend Dela. I met Dela last year at the festival. She was teaching the Tunisian crochet demo. To celebrate the fact that I have known Dela for a whole year, I made her a wall crochet coral reef.

I love making these things. Thankfully, they are as well recieved by the people that I make them for. Dela loved her reef. And she gave me a small tuniscian crochet hook too!
Dela is such a wonderful woman.

After a while, I met up with my friends and we visited a bunch more booths and learned more about fibre and fibre arts. Also, since it was in an orchard, we snagged a bunch of apples so I can make pie.

I did two yarn bombs while I was at the festival as well.
The first, before I actually got to the festival, but was on St. Ann's Academy grounds, I threw up into a tree. It was the rainbow bolas that I made ages ago!

Finally put it up. I meant to do it for Pride this year, but I was deathly ill, so that didn't happen. Instead, it made it's way into this tree today!

Second one was just after my friends and I left the festival. We were at a stop light waiting for it to change and my friend Brandy suggested I throw it into the tree above us. It worked out sorta well.

Not exactly where I wanted, but bolas never do go where I want them.

Either way, I had a crazy great day! Fibrations 2012 was an amazing success.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Monkey madness!

So my good friend Michelle was trying to entertain me today. Her suggestion was to make a speed yarnbomb. And then some how the idea of monkeys got suggested for the monkey bars at a local playground.
So in a quickly 2 and a half hours, I produced this monkey.

And now we are off to bomb said monkey to the playground monkey bars!
I will write more when I return!
I have returned!
And I had a really great time! I forget sometimes how much I love playgrounds at night. So different than when it's day out.
Here is my monkey hanging out on the monkey bars.

And Michelle's Orangutan on the monkey bars!

These are our super speedy yarn bomb monkeys.
I am so lucky to have supportive friend who want to encourage me and participate with me in yarn bombing!
I hope you like the monkey madness!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thoughts on Coral

So I'll admit.
I haven't been all that focused on yarnbombing lately.
After International Yarnbombing day at the beginning of summer, I kind of trailed off dramatically. But do not dispair! I have sti;ll been crocheting.
Truth is, I have been focusing on more personal projects.
I have been working on a crochet suit of armor, a Link (from legend of Zelda) costume (with sword and shield), and my personal favorite, wall coral reef.

Here is the original one the I did for a friend of mine. She wanted something to remind her of her time in Thailand and in colors of her wedding (trip to Thailand was the honeymoon), green and pink.
So I made this!

I had so much fun doing it and it seems to be popular, I want to try making small ones (this one is a foot around, so kind of like a pizza!) because wee crochet is always cute.
Anyway, I hope you think crochet coral reef is as cool as I do!