Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt in the Park!

I really enjoy yarnbombing for occasion. I don't really care what occasion, it just seems like a great way to come up with a theme to yarnbomb.

This year, I started early on easter eggs and managed to make 11! (I have so much school going on right now, it's hard to get any crafting done)

I decided to leave them around a local park for the kids. The weather hasn't been that great, so I was worried about them getting wet, but it's been reasonably dry today. I'm going to go back to the park after easter weekend is over to see if any of the eggs remain.

I tagged a couple of them with my url, so that people could maybe come read about the eggs!

The first one I hid was this bright yellow one, on the tennis court.

It's like a tennis ball! But it really wouldn't work very well as a tennis ball.
The next one I hid in a tree!

Cause that's where eggs come from right? :)

                                                            Spot the egg in this one!
It's the same kind of colors as the climbing-go-round.

Cute teeter tooter and swing set eggs

I put one in this strange digging dish. You can see the hand digger in the background.
I don't know if you can put the ground dirt in the dish with the digger, but those digger's were super fun when I was a kid.

 This adorable red egg was one of my favorites.

Here it is in the wheel (tire?) swing!

I really enjoy this cute lil bench one.

Lastly, this rail egg. 

Technically, there are two eggs in this picture :)

Well, that's about it! I had fun leaving these eggs all over the park! I hope they found happy homes. They were a blast to make too. Happy Bunny Chocolate Day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 Ketchup

In 2015, I got romantically involved with a person, and needless to say I completely stopped yarnbombing.

I didn't do anything for IYBD and in fact forgot it was happening until after the date had passed. To be fair, I had mentioned it's overall decline last year.
And at Fibrations, I set up some lovely pinions, but no yarn bombs (the pinions were bombed tho, fabric, and looked most excellent). I did make a small felt Calcifer, from Howl's Moving Castle for a small child tho! That's kinda like a yarn bomb!

(to be honest, I couldn't quite remember what he looked like. I was just thinking, fire with eyes)

I still crochet tho! As indicated by the Groot I made, as well as my "procrastination blanket"
Basically, instead of studying for exams or writing my paper, I clean... but when I have cleaned most things, I crochet. Thus I started making hundred of square motifs for....

                                                          My Portal Turret blanket!

This is just the turret part. I plan on having a whole blanket part surrounding it. It's gonna be huge! This is a hundreds upon hundreds of squares project.

Perfect for procrastinating!
I will still keep you posted on my amazing crochet works. I hope to still do more yarn bombing in the future, or Soft Sculpture as someone has recently coined my works, and maybe you'll see my yarn bomb esque stuff in an art gallery some day,
I've really gotten into felting and other fiber arts, like cross stitch and general embroidery. I'm a Spencer of all trades one might say, when it comes to fiber art. Now to learn spinning! -laughs-

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer time fun time at the beach

You know how much I love yarn bombing rocks and spider webs down by the beach, so this summer down there with my new love, I did a couple.

Here's a pretty blue rock

                                                     (look at those gorgeous mountains!)

And here is a pretty purple spider web

And here is the two colors combined on a stick cover, that was part of a shelter someone had built on the beach.

It was a nice little hut. I added the web here too and dropped the rock near it.
We spent the day hanging out at the beach. It was so much fun!
It was also nice to do a little yarn bombing again.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Gyarados hat

Remember the Ood hat that I made?

Well now there's the Gyarados hat!

I started making it for a friend, but they turned out to be a douche canoe, so I finished it and have been trying to sell it at craft fairs.

(My summer table at a local craft fair)

People like it! But no takers yet. I love this hat, but do not live in a climate where it would be used very often. It's nice here.

But still, I am very proud of this Pokemon Gyarados hat.

Friday, February 6, 2015

I am Groot!

Not really a yarn bomb, but I made this wonderful yarn Groot for a friend.

If only this one danced around!
Kinda made it up on my own, kinda looked at what other people were doing. As always, it's an amalgamation and I suck at reading patterns :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fibrations! 2014

Admittedly, I have been falling behind in my yarn bombing.

Between school and become interested in making bigger or more themed things, as opposed to the small or abstract yarn bombs I have previously been doing. I want to do more things like the picnic I did for INYBD.
But that takes time and resources, which is getting harder as school goes on ( more and more work load).

So technically this isn't a yarnbomb, but I did take my new Mario Mushroom 8-bit blanket to Fibrations to show it off!

Some other people took pictures of it too, so I think it was well received.

The festival itself was super fun. I wandered around, talked with Dela, had some free tea. It was great.
I can't wait for next year!

Friday, June 13, 2014

International Yarnbombing Day 2014

Hello! And welcome to another amazing edition of International Yarn Bombing Day!!!

I will admit, this event is getting less and less attention as the years go by, but I still enjoy doing it! 2011 was my first year, where I just tagged a dozen things. Then the next year, 2012 was the epic picnic! Then 2013 was the Adventure time piece in the park, and this year is....


Ok, so I originally wanted to do the original 150 Pokemon! But that got hard really quick with school and relationships and everything else life throws at you, so here's the 16 or so Pokemon I did make, and some pokeballs.

First there is Cubone in the grass

Then Diglett and Dugtrio in the dirt so they can dig around!

Then Electrode was looking for electricty at this lamp post

These Exeggcute are just looking for some fun

Ghastly is just hanging around this tree

Grimer is happiest where there is garbage and gunk

Jigglypuff will sing to you as you relax in the park

Koffing is hanging around outside the Men's room, enjoying the weird smells emanating from within

Magickarp doesn't do so well outside of water, so I put them in the water fountain

Ninetails was just prancing around the field

Tiny Oddish!

(their little leaves were felt)

Shellder needed a drink

Voltorb needed a jolt too!

One of my personal favorites was this adorable Weepingbell. I hung it from a tree!

And Weezing was hanging out with Koffing by the Women's room.

I also made a Cloyster (which I kept cause it ended up looking epic and I seriously couldn't part with it) and several of the eveevolutions, that I ended up sending to a friend for their birthday.

All of these pokemon were super small. Like, smaller than your hand in most cases, with Ninetails being the biggest (and taking freaking forever to make!)

Here are some of the Pokeballs that I hid around too. I wanted them to be fun to find, like the Pokemon.

I wish I could have done more, but what I did do was super well received! There were all gone in no time. While some part of me is happy people like them enough to take them home, it would be nice if people left them for other people to enjoy.

Feminist theories have really made yarn bombing difficult on so many levels. But I do so love making crochet things for people to enjoy!

Bonus: Here is the Cloyster I kept