Tuesday, June 12, 2018

International Yarn Bombing Day 2018

So, if you google IYBD, it says that the day is June 11th every year, regardless of when it falls during the week. There are other people that celebrate it the same day as World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIPD), which is the second Saturday in June (I think).
Either way, I don't think the date means as much as it used to. I think the idea remains tho. Some people and some groups are still doing it, but yarn bombing as a whole seems to have passed out of popularity.
I still enjoy it a lot. It's still my favourite thing to crochet.

So a bit of back story with this years yarn bomb.
When I ride the bus home, the bus has this thing that talks and announces the road that you're about to be at. Near my house, there is a road called Belcher Ave. Every time I would go past it, I would laugh to myself, thinking about Bob's Burgers and the Belcher family. Then it dawned on me that I should do a Bob's Burgers yarn bomb for IYBD.
I didn't end up doing Gene, cause there were only two street signs and cause I ran out of time (I mostly did not start soon enough, like I do every year pretty much).
I am really proud of my Tina and my Bob. I really like his apron.
So today (which to be fair, is neither WWKIPD or June 11th), I walked down to Belcher Ave and yarn bombed it!
First, I put Tina and Louise at one end.
And then I put Bob and Linda at the other end.
Bob and Linda did not go up as easy as Tina and Louise. But I feel like this was a successful yarn bomb!
I think I will keep dong IYBD, so long as I can keep coming up with ideas. I still have to do my library lego man idea. Even if all I do is one yarn bomb a year, I wanna still keep doing it as much as I can. I love my crochet Belcher family.

P.S. Did you know that my granny squares are still up at Knotty by Nature? from 2012? I grabbed another photo when I was there on Saturday. Can you believe the comparison?? I mean, it has been 6 years. I'm still so happy they're still there.

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