Friday, April 30, 2010

fibre person's project: A follow up

So like I said in my previous entry, I sent of a piece to be added into Fibre person's project.
And here it is!
Check it out! A couple people have sent there's in so far, and I am so happy and proud to be among the first. I really do hope she gets alot of people helping out.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, the information should be above in her blog as well.
Yarn bombing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

fibre person's project

For those of you out there interested in contributing to a yarn bombing project, I got wind of this one via the ladies at
If you want to check out the details, go to Fibre person's blog at:

I sent in a piece already ( a cute rainbow one of course). You only have to May 15th.
I suggest everyone who can help her out. Yarn bombing is totally a community effort and even if I don't live in toronto, I live in the world and we are all trying to make the world a more beautiful place through Yarn.

Out and about: Fan ta sea isle Rainbow!

Early on after moving to victoria, I set out to see the sites. One of the first sites I saw was Rico`s Benches by the bay, or also know as Fan Ta Sea Isle.
See the Rainbow tag??
I added that to Rico`s little project.
The sad part is though that the city of Victoria wants to build a yacht marina right where this landmark of woodcarving (for the public I might add) is presently located. And they don`t care that this guys has been building this thing for years, or that people recognize it as a landmark.
Not to mention it is going to make the entire area look gross and commerical, full of boats and cars instead of lush greenery and a wonderful view of the ocean and Olympic mountain range.
Either way, I decided to add my piece to a wonderfully bright example of urban art.
Check out some of the things carved and colored in the wood.
Not to mention the graffitti writing as well. I think it adds color to the over all atmosphere. Better for Rico's whole piece than the drab stones of the walkway.
Over all, I am really really happy with this piece. It is probably the largest to date and it is certianly one of the most colorful. I am almost out of my rainbow yarn (but I got tons of other colors at the thrift store the other day so look forward to more colorful tags in the future) but I have plans for at least two more rainbow ones.Enjoy!

Out and about: Controversy over nudity

So as my gf and I were walking around town today, I was rather hellbent on doing a statue tag. I'd seen so many on the interwebs that I wanted one too.
Oh sure, there were perhaps better statues in town. My gf even suggested as much. But I really wanted to do one on these statues.
See, these statues were some of the first things I ever saw when I moved to victoria. So in a strange way, I felt as if I was honoring them.
As a funny, ironic/practical joke type tag, I decided that this lovely nude statue required a tube top.
I think it looks quite fetching on her.
Don't you agree?
I was a little sad that I didn't have anything to give her as a bottom. And I didn't have enough yarn with me to whip something up even.
But I think it turned out rather well. Another of my lovely rainbow tags.

Out and about: Anarchy in the trees!!

So, my gf prompted me to do some more rebelous pieces. More edgy and provocative.
I decided nothing said edgy like pink!
Introducing my anarchy piece, in pink! I actually have another anarchy one as well, but it isn't as bold and, well neon.
I put this one in some trees, just off a walking trail in victoria's lovely inner harbour. I really like how bright the pink stands out. And I really enjoyed doing the background as well. The yarn was one that changes colors as you go through it. I quite like how it turned out.

Out and about: Bench in Bastion square

So me and my gf ended up going for a walk about town today.
I had a new idea for a project and needed to get some things for it. We went down by the water in the inner harbor and I got to to do some really awesome tags.
The first one I did was just a really tiny tag.
It was actually the second tag I ever created; first one with two colors of yarn in it even.
But I just hadn't put it up anywhere.
So I put it on this bench, thinking that the area definatly needed some cheering up.
Simple, little, but ever so sweet.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some friends of mine and myself have a tendency to hang out at this Gazebo on campus.
I have wanted to do tags in this area for quite some time, but I haven't been sure of what, and where.
At some point, I want to do a tag for an actually pillar of the Gazebo itself (I took the measurements today, so I can work on that while school is out), but in the mean time, I have had this small little tag that I did for my trip to Edmonton that I never did use.
Well today it got used!

I decided it blended nicely to the lamp post.
I put it at such a height that it was in the bush, but not over taken by it either. Visible and yet invisible.
Like a ninja.
It looks really high up, but the picture is taken from some stairs and the lamp isn't that big. Maybe 8 feet high total. In this pic, you can also see just the edge of the roof of our Gazebo.

Also, there has been this metal box sticking out of the greenery on campus by the Gazebo since I have been there. Probably longer than that too. It looks like it used to be a power box, or a converter for flood lights or something. Who knows.
Anyway, it was ugly, this metal thing just sticking out.
So I graffitti'ed it! Now it is covered in rainbow joy!
My friend Dave helped me put it up. Note the wrapped it in yarn.
We couldn't really come up with a clever way to put it up on short notice. He had to help me because the box was at least a good couple of inches out if my complete reach and he is much taller than me. I could grab it, but not well enough to get the piece on better than you see in the picture.
All in all, I think I really cheered up our hang out spot.
Hopefully campus security doesn't just take them all down before we go back next week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Show your colors!

I did this lovely rainbow piece so that it could be seen from the window of my school's Pride lounge.
When the new Pride director was nominated ( my friend) we decided to clean up the lounge, as the old director was a bit of a tool and got nothing done.
Now, it looks amazing in there!
... Just not by the window apparently.
While we were cleaning, we came upon some old arts and crafts supplies. There ended up being this whole bag of rainbow yarn in there! I was super excited and my friend let me have it for helping to clean up.
So in honour of that, I did this wonderful little piece that you can see from the window.
Here's a pic of me ninja-ing it on!
Enjoy! Can't wait to tag other rainbowy things around town.


Ok, so I have no idea why I am so interested in this pole by the bus stop piece, but here is an update on it's status. As you can see, it is still there!

Even if it has fallen down.

But again I am suprised that all the local high school students haven't done something to it.

Either way, it makes me smile to see it there when I go by.

On a side note: The multicolor one on the tree is still up too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yarn Bombing article!

So around the beginning of the month, I replied to a post done by a one Sandie Roach about an article she was writing about Yarn bombing. She emailed me a short questionare, and I filled it out delightedly.
Within the week, she replied, saying that she apreciated my reply. I continued crochetting, and then today, I get an email from her with the link to the feature.
In which I am quoted! Yay!
I gotta say, this made me feel like a million bucks (along with the free yarn I got today for helping to clean up with some friends)!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pizza and Tagging: Tree

I pass by this house everytime I walk home from the mall.
I really enjoy all the windchimes and glass orbs that decorate this house... which unfortunatly are very difficult to see in the dark, even with flash.
So I decided to add to their very decorative home.
I was attempting to create a rainbow piece, by I didn't have enough colors in my small yarn collection. I went with as many colors of the rainbow as I could for this piece. I like to think it has it's own unique charm, if not rainbowy.
And thus concludes my midnight adventures in tagging.

Pizza and Tagging: Bike Rack Bank Attack!

I guess I should explain why these entries are called pizza and tagging.
See, I did these with my gf on the way to Safeway to grab a pizza.
I had a hard day. Pizza is comfort food for me.
Tagging is comfort activity too.
So on our way back from getting pizza and some groceries, I did this adorible little tag on the bike rack at the TD Bank.
I hope it amuses some people who lock up their bike over the weekend (and hopefully longer!).
Anyways, Enjoy

Pizza and Tagging

Ok, so honestly, my biggest set back with tagging for pretty much all of march was weather.
It has been raining and colder in March than all of January and February.
April isn't starting off any better, but gosh darnit I wanted to tag something!
So I'll start with the first one I did this evening: The redo Bus stop tag!
If you look back to the entry Feeling Blue, you'll see the first attempt at tagging the bus stop by my house. It lasted a little while, but I was sure that it's flimsy attachment was part of it's early demise. So this time, I fully crochetted it to the poll.
Thus why the picture is dark. I finally tagged under the cover of darkness. Very ninja.
So yeah, enjoy.