Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everybody!

I'm sorry about the quality of these photos.
There wasn't any street lights really, so my flash captured the tag, and some of the surrounding shrubbery, but no background.

You may not know this, but October 31st is my favorite day of the year.
Halloween is super fun.
Sadly, I did not get up to much this year.
I dressed up as Chell from Portal 2 (an awesome video game if you have no idea what I am talking about).
And I did this last Halloween tag.

My friends said that the pumpkin really set off the piece.

I like the bats.

And I kind of wish i could have figured out a way to make the ghosts glow, but it was rather last minute.

Happy Halloween everyone!
I will see you in November.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A different kind of jack o lantern

This morning, even though I was not exactly feeling the best, I ventured out into the world to do my pumpkin yarn bomb.
I went downtown, outside the video store where my roommate works.
There are these pillars that indicate the numbers for parking spots downtown, and they have these ball tops that I figured would be awesome to bomb.

So I made these adorable little pumpkin tops.
But you know what?
I made them just a little too small.
I blame running out of orange yarn, but either way, everyone who saw them says that they really liked them.

I hope they make it to Halloween.

Glow Ghosts for Halloween

Guess what time of year it is?!
That's right! The time of year when all our arms fall off from crocheting too much to get ready for x-mas and the cold season that is very much upon us.
True, but no. I am referring to my favorite would be holiday (although I do have a particular fondness for arbor day), HALLOWEEN.

Now, last year, I didn't do any specific bombs for Halloween. Honestly, I guess I didn't think about it until there just wasn't enough time to execute anything.
Could have also been midterms -shudders-.
Either way, I have plenty in store for this year. Starting with...

These wonderful ghosts!

I put these just out of reach (unless you are some of my taller friends, which unfortunately I could do little about) in a tree on campus on the 27th.
When I first threw them up all bolas style, they got all tangled in the branches... and did not look like a very good yarn bomb. I was disappointed.

Luckily, some girls I knew came along and one of them actually climbed the tree, fetched the ghosts, and helped me wrap them around a just out of reach branch.
I hope people notice them.
Especially since they glow in the dark!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey... hey people....
You are never gonna believe this.
I got glow in the dark yarn!
I got some from Bernats, and I also got some from Jelly yarns!
...I'm a little unsure on how to work with the Jelly yarns, but omg! It all glows! And it glows awesome!
Some glows pink, and some glows greenish, but mostly just glowing!
I will post some pictures soon! I can't quite right now, because I am in class and should be paying attention.
But all I can think is GLOW YARN!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I should have worn my YaBo, cause it is not summer anymore Part 2

It was actually really chill out today, despite the sunshine that lured me and my roommate to Beacon hill park.
Well, as I was last saying, I tagged the watermelon tag, the blue one by the Heron statue/sculpture, and the gnarly tree.
The gnarly tree was right beside one of Beacon hills lakes.
Making sure you don't accidentally stumble into the water is a handy dandy rail.
Guess what?

Yep. I tagged it.
I super like this one. The blue and pink go together like bubblegum.

Pole tags are some of my favorite simply because they are very sterile and cold in a beautiful landscape.

Beacon hill tries to mask it's poles by painting them green -smile-.

After that, my roommate and I road off towards home, but stopped first in a little clearing that had a bunch of trees growing interestingly. I chose a reasonably sized tree branch and tagged it.

This was originally meant for a rail at my schools campus where I studied during the summer, but I didn't finish it in time.

Either way I love the pattern. The red and purplish color is my favorite part of that yarn.

I hope you enjoyed how I spent my day as much as I enjoyed having it.
Well, maybe not as much... that would be weird.

I should have worn my YaBo, cause it is not summer anymore.

I have been feeling a little down the last little while.
Probably just the end of summer and the start up of school, but either way, a little sad.
I thought I could pick myself up with a little Yarnbombing however.
My roommate encouraged me and we went out for a little bike ride, which included lunch at the best mexican taco place in town. Seriously. We always say that next time we'll try a burrito, but those taco's are so compelling.
Anyway, on the way back, we stopped in beacon hill park.
The first tag I put up is the one I have been dying to put up the most.
Because I think it's clever.

Do you get it?

Watermelon! See the black seeds? And the occasional white ones?
I hope you can at least see why I thought it was clever.

After that, we found this interesting heron statue/sculpture.

So I decided to tag near it. Hoping that people would see my art the same way they viewed this other piece of art.

We then moved deeper into the park, and found this twisted, gnarled old tree.
I really really liked it.
So I tagged it.

The tag I used was a bunch of scraps and ends from recent projects that was left on my table.

Wasn't much else to do with the pieces.

Besides, the scrapes are pretty now.

More to come later!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween

I know I haven't been bombing lately.
Oh I have been making tags, and crochetting all kinds of wonderful things.
But not out tagging.
I told my roommate that I had to go out and do it soon. Cause I really really want to do more tags.

Either way, a lot of my recent work in the world of yarn craft has been with my new weekly yarn group, courtesy of my new friend Kryss.
Last night, after I realized I didn't bring foam stuffing for my sushi that I was crocheting, I decided to make a cute little ghosty for bombing.

I really do hope to make more like this and just get out bombing more in general.

I hope you all like it!