Saturday, June 9, 2012

International yarn bombing day 2012


I don't know about any of you, but installing the largest yarn bomb I have ever done, was a lot of work.
Today, I set out to complete the best International Yarnbomb that I could think of.
I had a picnic!

And set up my picnic yarn bomb.

With yarn food and yarn drinks, my friends and I added real food and real drinks and had a wonderful picnic.
There was even boccie ball!
I installed vines of flowers around the gazebo the picnic table was under.

And in addition to the whole picnic spread, I yarn bombed two of the empty poles up by the road.

Some of you may recall this location from the Knotty by Nature yarn bomb, from their grand opening. It is part of why I came back to this location for International yarn bombing day. They are such a great crew over there.

Here is a picture of Brandy installing one of them. I wasn't tall enough to get it up there. I am so glad I have awesome friends!

And here's Brandy installing the other.

To top it off, I added one little mushroom, alone in the grass beside our picnic.
I had so much fun! So many people came by and told me they loved it. Some even said I was an inspiration. My insides melted with that. This is why I yarn bomb. Because it genuinely makes people happy, interested, excited; all these positive wonderful emotions.

I hope you all have had a wonderful International Yarnbombing Day! And if you haven't had a chance yet, go out and yarn bomb something!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ketchup from my phone

Today was a really good day.
So I decided to finally remember to download the pictures from my phone that I keep forgetting about.
Case in point:

This yarn bomb was done at the Time Colonist book sale while waiting in line to be let in. That was May 12th. Only about a month ago. Not too bad.

I took these photos about a month ago too.

Look like my dock ring isn't holding up very well down by the bay.

There is also a yarn bomb I did at a bus shelter trapped in my gf's phone. Some day we will master technology and get it out. In the mean time, I am crazy excited for International Yarn Bombing Day this Saturday, June 9! I hope you all get out there and yarn bomb something. Now is the perfect time!
See you all on Saturday!