Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ketchup from my phone

Today was a really good day.
So I decided to finally remember to download the pictures from my phone that I keep forgetting about.
Case in point:

This yarn bomb was done at the Time Colonist book sale while waiting in line to be let in. That was May 12th. Only about a month ago. Not too bad.

I took these photos about a month ago too.

Look like my dock ring isn't holding up very well down by the bay.

There is also a yarn bomb I did at a bus shelter trapped in my gf's phone. Some day we will master technology and get it out. In the mean time, I am crazy excited for International Yarn Bombing Day this Saturday, June 9! I hope you all get out there and yarn bomb something. Now is the perfect time!
See you all on Saturday!

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