Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arrr matey, a beard!

Well, december has been yarnbombing slow because of the usual reasons. School, work, general apathy, winter commercial holiday, e.t.c.
On a personal note though, I got commisioned from a friend of mine to make a bearded hat that made him look vauguely piratey.
This is what came out of it.

I think it turned out rather well. Or at least better than the first one.
And do you see the skull and crossbones?
Felt. I gotta say, making symbols or attachables out of felt is pretty ingenious. Thanks internet for teaching me that one XD
I hope to make more. They make people happy and laughing when they see one. I also want to make other unique hats too.
But right now, Hyperbolic crochet has me completely captivated.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pizza and Tagging: Tree, A follow up story

So if you remember to last April (if any of you were following me then) you will remember my series of Pizza and tagging. It was delicious btw.
Anyway, my mother was in town last week and I showed her some of my tags that were still in town.
Do you guys remember the Kelsey one from summer? Well it was still up! Until about two days after I showed my mom. Then it came down. Odd timing XD

Anyway, the longest standing tag award goes to the lovely one I did on the tree in front of the cool people's house.
Here is an updated shot of how it looks now after almost a year of rain, and dirt and exhaust cause they really need to do something about the traffic on that road.

And in case you forget (or are too lazy to did through archives to see old pics XD) here is what it looked like fresh up.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh my Victoria, you what you have done now

This wasn't me.
I wish this was me.

But alas, this was not me.
In light of the fact that this was not me, I would really really like to know who did do this.

I mean, it's almost in front of the yarn store The beehive, or busy bee... something like that.
And it is also infront of the queer thift store, Out of the Closet. Two groups I believe to be really into knitting and crochetting.
So, I don't know who did these amazing trees, but let me tell you, I am jealous of these people in the best way possible.

Thank you whoever did this, for making Victoria, B.C. a better, brighter place to live.
Finding these made my day.