Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pizza and Tagging: Tree, A follow up story

So if you remember to last April (if any of you were following me then) you will remember my series of Pizza and tagging. It was delicious btw.
Anyway, my mother was in town last week and I showed her some of my tags that were still in town.
Do you guys remember the Kelsey one from summer? Well it was still up! Until about two days after I showed my mom. Then it came down. Odd timing XD

Anyway, the longest standing tag award goes to the lovely one I did on the tree in front of the cool people's house.
Here is an updated shot of how it looks now after almost a year of rain, and dirt and exhaust cause they really need to do something about the traffic on that road.

And in case you forget (or are too lazy to did through archives to see old pics XD) here is what it looked like fresh up.


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