Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Sarah Kramer

Hey everybody!

I want you to meet a very awesome person, who has done a lot of awesome stuff in the name vegan.
Her name is Sarah Kramer, and here she is!

...wait... that's not right...
Here she is!

Ha ha.
In case you were wondering, that first picture in indeed Sarah too, or little Sarah as I have dubbed her.

I made little Sarah for Sarah Kramer because I love what she represents in my community.
In a lot of ways, what she represents for me, is chocolate.

-laughs- See, I wasn't a fan of chocolate (being lactose intolerant I wasn't so keen on milk chocolate) so finding vegan chocolate bars made of dark chocolate and awesomeness was a new start with me a chocolate. We're much better friends since this discovery.

But Sarah's place (down on Pandora by Solstice cafe, between government and wharf st) has tons of amazing products that you just have to see to believe.

And many are done my local crafters and artists. Sarah believes in supporting the community.
All in all, Sarah Kramer is awesome. And that's why she deserves a cute lil Sarah doll.

...guess next I will have to try making a fergus : )
Thank you so much Sarah for being apart of what I love about Victoria, B.C.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More spider webs

I am loving this weather!
It's making me forget that I have to get ready for things like International Yarn Bombing Day.

It is however, getting me really good at making spider webs.

This one me and my friend Michelle installed on the walkway down to the beach.
What I love most about these pictures is being able to see the ocean in the background.

And then we installed this orange one on some drift wood over by the log that had the red and rainbow spider webs installed.

Together, that section of the beach is getting colorful.

And here's a little picture of Michelle with the tie that she crocheted after I taught her how to crochet. Hopefully, once she gets the hang of this thing called crochet, she will help me with yarn bombing! I've always wanted my own little yarn bombing crew.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Addicted to the beach

Today was beautiful.
The sun was shining. I could not stay in bed. So I convinced my gf to come down to the beach with me.
It was warm, and the slight breeze was nice instead of being overwhelming.
And I made a slew of spider webs to bomb on the beach.

We found this perfect location by these odd log that had metal hooks in it and metal rope wound around it.
And these odd grooves that allowed the webs to sit perfectly in.
First, I did this rainbow-esq one.

Try and imagine the kind of spider that this web came from.

Then I did a set of the red spider webs together. I like the look of more than one web in a space.

(this is my favorite shot of the red spider webs)

And lastly, a shot of both of them together.

I had a lot of fun at the beach today. I want all summer to be like this. Hot days, people in sundresses and yarn bombs on the beach.

I will leave you with an awe inspiring view of the ocean from the end of my road and the knowledge that I am about to go and enjoy my pizza cupcakes.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spider webs down by the ocean

Spring rolling around again means I am much more likely to go to the beach.
And going to the beach means I am very likely to yarn bomb.

I'm not sure what it is that I love about yarn bombing the beach, but I very much do.
Yesterday's yarn bomb at the beach consisted of this lovely red spider web.

I wrestled for a couple days with making spider webs. I watched some youtube videos and asked someone who had made so amazing ones how they did it. A lot of that was confusing, but I think I have managed to get the hang of it.

This might not have been the best location for the spider web, but I really wanted to do a bomb while I was hanging out with my friend Daphne.

And this log stump was the best thing around.
It was super fun either way. I love learning a new skill set for crochet.