Sunday, May 13, 2012

More spider webs

I am loving this weather!
It's making me forget that I have to get ready for things like International Yarn Bombing Day.

It is however, getting me really good at making spider webs.

This one me and my friend Michelle installed on the walkway down to the beach.
What I love most about these pictures is being able to see the ocean in the background.

And then we installed this orange one on some drift wood over by the log that had the red and rainbow spider webs installed.

Together, that section of the beach is getting colorful.

And here's a little picture of Michelle with the tie that she crocheted after I taught her how to crochet. Hopefully, once she gets the hang of this thing called crochet, she will help me with yarn bombing! I've always wanted my own little yarn bombing crew.


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  2. I love your spiderwebs. Would you mind sharing the pattern? Mine never come out so nice!

    1. It's not that complicated, but you chain a circle of 6, then double crochet into each chain twice. Then when you move to the next level/circle, chain one in between each double crochet you do. And keep increasing as you go up. Sorry if this makes no sense, because I am bad at explaining such things. Thanks for the love tho!

  3. Your yarn bomb is very very good. I like your work! I 'm fan ☆^^☆

    FROM sachiko