Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Sarah Kramer

Hey everybody!

I want you to meet a very awesome person, who has done a lot of awesome stuff in the name vegan.
Her name is Sarah Kramer, and here she is!

...wait... that's not right...
Here she is!

Ha ha.
In case you were wondering, that first picture in indeed Sarah too, or little Sarah as I have dubbed her.

I made little Sarah for Sarah Kramer because I love what she represents in my community.
In a lot of ways, what she represents for me, is chocolate.

-laughs- See, I wasn't a fan of chocolate (being lactose intolerant I wasn't so keen on milk chocolate) so finding vegan chocolate bars made of dark chocolate and awesomeness was a new start with me a chocolate. We're much better friends since this discovery.

But Sarah's place (down on Pandora by Solstice cafe, between government and wharf st) has tons of amazing products that you just have to see to believe.

And many are done my local crafters and artists. Sarah believes in supporting the community.
All in all, Sarah Kramer is awesome. And that's why she deserves a cute lil Sarah doll.

...guess next I will have to try making a fergus : )
Thank you so much Sarah for being apart of what I love about Victoria, B.C.

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