Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who? The Doctor, that's who!

See, the problem with working on large projects is that I don't get out to yarn bomb as much as I might like.
Oh sure, I could throw a couple swatches out there if I wanted, but I think I have moved beyond that part of my yarn bombing career. I feel a greater need to do bigger projects and more involving ones.

I see a lot of bigger projects online. I think that main difference is that a lot of those people have crews. And I am still mostly alone.
I did co opt some people for a secret group yarn bombing project, but more on that later.

Today, I have lovely distractions to show you.
No, they're not yarn bombs, but they are a recent addiction.

You see... I discovered Doctor Who. The reboot, even tho my gf now wants to watch the old ones as well.
So I made an Ood hat.

The ball actually lights up too!

I want to try another one and see if I can get even more detail into the face.
Next we have one of the the New Paradigm Daleks.

This one is Scientist Orange.

And this one is Drone Red.

I am working on Supreme White right now.
I am also working on my IYBD project... which is huge and time consuming. Can't you wait?!
See you next time, hopefully with a real yarn bomb.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Very Happy Valentines Day

My Valentines Day was great.
I understand that it is a mostly ridiculous holiday (mostly because the single and bitter people in my life try desperately to make it so), but I enjoy parts of that ridiculous. Like silly limricks and witty v-day cards that I make by printing things off the internet.

But mostly, Valentines day is about hearts for me.
For years I have been giving my gf hearts for v-day. A crocheted one, a painted one, one that I picked up on Halloween that actually looks like a real heart in meat package (she didn't like that one so much).

This year, instead of a heart, I gave her chocolate and books.
And we made these hearts.

Can you tell which one is hers?

The one full of love <3

I know. I'm terribly cheesy. And my first heart at the top was a little sad.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 2 year anniversary of yarnbombing! You have crabs!

So yes. As of today, I have been yarn bombing for 2 whole years. Since February 12th of 2010!
I honor of this momentous occasion, I did a little side project I have been meaning to do for weeks.

There is a statue out front of the Serious coffee in James bay, of a person riding a bike. My roommate commented that their head is vaguely spartan helmet like, so I have dubbed this the Spartan cyclist.
Anyway, they have a basket on their bike, so for whatever reason (I secretly blame Lex and Sabine) I decide to put crabs in her basket.

It is a pretty west coast concept I like to think.
Riding around with crabs in your basket.

There is a cute orange one,

Bluey greeny one,

And a lil yellow one.

The blue one and the orange one have labels attached to them. It is one of my more forward attempts at self promotion. It simply lists the urls for this blog and my tumblr one, and a thank you for enjoying my art.
Which I really hope everyone does, but I know some people don't like it.

Here's to 2012! And a wonderful start to my 3rd year of yarnbombing!