Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who? The Doctor, that's who!

See, the problem with working on large projects is that I don't get out to yarn bomb as much as I might like.
Oh sure, I could throw a couple swatches out there if I wanted, but I think I have moved beyond that part of my yarn bombing career. I feel a greater need to do bigger projects and more involving ones.

I see a lot of bigger projects online. I think that main difference is that a lot of those people have crews. And I am still mostly alone.
I did co opt some people for a secret group yarn bombing project, but more on that later.

Today, I have lovely distractions to show you.
No, they're not yarn bombs, but they are a recent addiction.

You see... I discovered Doctor Who. The reboot, even tho my gf now wants to watch the old ones as well.
So I made an Ood hat.

The ball actually lights up too!

I want to try another one and see if I can get even more detail into the face.
Next we have one of the the New Paradigm Daleks.

This one is Scientist Orange.

And this one is Drone Red.

I am working on Supreme White right now.
I am also working on my IYBD project... which is huge and time consuming. Can't you wait?!
See you next time, hopefully with a real yarn bomb.

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