Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 2 year anniversary of yarnbombing! You have crabs!

So yes. As of today, I have been yarn bombing for 2 whole years. Since February 12th of 2010!
I honor of this momentous occasion, I did a little side project I have been meaning to do for weeks.

There is a statue out front of the Serious coffee in James bay, of a person riding a bike. My roommate commented that their head is vaguely spartan helmet like, so I have dubbed this the Spartan cyclist.
Anyway, they have a basket on their bike, so for whatever reason (I secretly blame Lex and Sabine) I decide to put crabs in her basket.

It is a pretty west coast concept I like to think.
Riding around with crabs in your basket.

There is a cute orange one,

Bluey greeny one,

And a lil yellow one.

The blue one and the orange one have labels attached to them. It is one of my more forward attempts at self promotion. It simply lists the urls for this blog and my tumblr one, and a thank you for enjoying my art.
Which I really hope everyone does, but I know some people don't like it.

Here's to 2012! And a wonderful start to my 3rd year of yarnbombing!

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