Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's go fishing!

My gf was on the bus today, listening to the bus driver describe the two routes that go into my neighborhood. She said the one goes to the thrifty's and the other goes by the fishing pole.
Now, when she told me this, I was stunned.
Especially since the fish got stolen new year eve.
But apparently I have created a landmark.
And the proof is in the writing. This isn't the first thing my gf has found that validates peoples love in the fishing pole. About a month ago she found this piece of paper shoved just inside the pole.

It reads as follows:
"This is a simple thank you. We appreciate the time you took to create this!"
I must say, I nearly died when she brought this back for me. The txt she sent me about it almost made me cry.
Anyway, with all that backing it up, I couldn't just leave the fishing line empty. We can blame the empty line for the last couple weeks on poor fishing, but today we caught something!

This lovely turquoise and yellow fish is now dangling happily from the line.

I have other ideas for fish and such that I can catch as well. We will have to see how it goes.

The rod itself has taken some damage as well. This is the first bomb I have gone out and had a hand in repairing, but in this case it's not so much as repairing as it is redoing. It's like reusing the tags people have destroyed.

If the rod doesn't hold up however, I will have to make a new one, because apparently this particular yarn bomb is enjoyed.


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