Friday, January 13, 2012

DAVIDsTEA gets Yarn Bombed!

I don't know about you, but I love tea.
Seriously, I have a caffeine problem. So finding tea was nice (as opposed to my energy drink addiction of which I am 2 years off of them! Whoo! or my Pepsi obsession... where I was drinking it even if I thought it didn't taste good) because it offered me caffeine in a variety of different ways, as well as offering me health benefits instead of detriments.
Enter DAVIDsTEA. My roommate and I were wandering around Hillside after class one day when we came upon a tea shop. Again, I love tea, so it was not hard for the lovely ladies behind the counter to lure me into the store. Once inside, I met Laura for the first time. She's the manager at the Hillside DAVIDsTEA location.

It's hard for me to know whether it was Laura's sunny disposition or the magnificent iced Happy Kombucha that she made for me that kept me coming back, but either way I love me some DAVIDsTEA.
In honor of my love of DAVIDsTEA (and Laura and her awesome staff!) I decided to create this yarn bomb flag.

(Those are the types of teas around the edge, in the order that they appear on the tea wall. Green is probably my favorite. How about you?)
And then last night, I tagged DAVIDsTEA.

I had to ask Laura for tape tho. I forgot mine. Remembered my camera at least.
Here's a photo of Laura with the DAVIDsTEA flag that I made. She's awesome, and she really seemed to like the yarn bomb flag that I made.

I hope you all like it too. And drink DAVIDsTEA! May I HIGHLY suggest Elf Help before it goes out of season (as it is an x-mas related tea), IT TASTES LIKE MAGIC!

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