Monday, January 2, 2012

Knotty by Nature welcoming bomb

So I went back to KBN today. The granny square pole was still up and it looked great in the daylight.
(on a side note, we rode our bikes, so this took us by the camo pole and it was still up!)

Even the door handle tag was still there, and a number of people really seemed to like them as they went into the store.
I met up with my wonder friend, and she gave me the swatches she said she would. My roommate and I then got to work stitching them together. Took about half an hour, but then we attached them to objects outside the store.

First up, the garbage can.
This was... a little smelly. But it was right beside the granny square pole, and there was not much outside their store.

I think it looks really awesome with its little band of color. The green and white square flag like thing is my favorite.

There are some interesting types of yarn/fabric that my friend has used in here. She makes little swatches to test out patterns and yarns. They end up being perfect for my sort of art.

Next I did this lovely drainpipe work. Sewing together work courtesy my roommate.

Followed by this small pole cover, because I wanted to show off Ryan's, one of the owners of Knotty by Nature, yarn bicycles by the light of day.

I think this turned out really well.
But I have learned something about yarn bombing from this project and the 21 days of yarn bombing that happened in November.
The big projects, the involving ones; those ones come across as the art they're intended to be.
So for 2012, I am looking forward to trying out more large, involving projects, and less small tags and swatches here and there.
I hope it sounds exciting!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a behind the scenes adventure!
    I blogged about our opening day last night!