Thursday, October 13, 2011

I should have worn my YaBo, cause it is not summer anymore.

I have been feeling a little down the last little while.
Probably just the end of summer and the start up of school, but either way, a little sad.
I thought I could pick myself up with a little Yarnbombing however.
My roommate encouraged me and we went out for a little bike ride, which included lunch at the best mexican taco place in town. Seriously. We always say that next time we'll try a burrito, but those taco's are so compelling.
Anyway, on the way back, we stopped in beacon hill park.
The first tag I put up is the one I have been dying to put up the most.
Because I think it's clever.

Do you get it?

Watermelon! See the black seeds? And the occasional white ones?
I hope you can at least see why I thought it was clever.

After that, we found this interesting heron statue/sculpture.

So I decided to tag near it. Hoping that people would see my art the same way they viewed this other piece of art.

We then moved deeper into the park, and found this twisted, gnarled old tree.
I really really liked it.
So I tagged it.

The tag I used was a bunch of scraps and ends from recent projects that was left on my table.

Wasn't much else to do with the pieces.

Besides, the scrapes are pretty now.

More to come later!!


  1. love the tree piece! and I totally thought it looked like watermelon before i even read what you wrote

  2. Thank you! The colors just screamed watermelon before I put them together, so I just had to.