Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some friends of mine and myself have a tendency to hang out at this Gazebo on campus.
I have wanted to do tags in this area for quite some time, but I haven't been sure of what, and where.
At some point, I want to do a tag for an actually pillar of the Gazebo itself (I took the measurements today, so I can work on that while school is out), but in the mean time, I have had this small little tag that I did for my trip to Edmonton that I never did use.
Well today it got used!

I decided it blended nicely to the lamp post.
I put it at such a height that it was in the bush, but not over taken by it either. Visible and yet invisible.
Like a ninja.
It looks really high up, but the picture is taken from some stairs and the lamp isn't that big. Maybe 8 feet high total. In this pic, you can also see just the edge of the roof of our Gazebo.

Also, there has been this metal box sticking out of the greenery on campus by the Gazebo since I have been there. Probably longer than that too. It looks like it used to be a power box, or a converter for flood lights or something. Who knows.
Anyway, it was ugly, this metal thing just sticking out.
So I graffitti'ed it! Now it is covered in rainbow joy!
My friend Dave helped me put it up. Note the wrapped it in yarn.
We couldn't really come up with a clever way to put it up on short notice. He had to help me because the box was at least a good couple of inches out if my complete reach and he is much taller than me. I could grab it, but not well enough to get the piece on better than you see in the picture.
All in all, I think I really cheered up our hang out spot.
Hopefully campus security doesn't just take them all down before we go back next week.

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