Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out and about: Fan ta sea isle Rainbow!

Early on after moving to victoria, I set out to see the sites. One of the first sites I saw was Rico`s Benches by the bay, or also know as Fan Ta Sea Isle.
See the Rainbow tag??
I added that to Rico`s little project.
The sad part is though that the city of Victoria wants to build a yacht marina right where this landmark of woodcarving (for the public I might add) is presently located. And they don`t care that this guys has been building this thing for years, or that people recognize it as a landmark.
Not to mention it is going to make the entire area look gross and commerical, full of boats and cars instead of lush greenery and a wonderful view of the ocean and Olympic mountain range.
Either way, I decided to add my piece to a wonderfully bright example of urban art.
Check out some of the things carved and colored in the wood.
Not to mention the graffitti writing as well. I think it adds color to the over all atmosphere. Better for Rico's whole piece than the drab stones of the walkway.
Over all, I am really really happy with this piece. It is probably the largest to date and it is certianly one of the most colorful. I am almost out of my rainbow yarn (but I got tons of other colors at the thrift store the other day so look forward to more colorful tags in the future) but I have plans for at least two more rainbow ones.Enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I think it's really fun because it's collaboration and colourful and it really matches its new home! And it's a freaking RAINBOW!!! Nice.