Monday, July 18, 2016

I can't actually have Ketchup anymore

But I can write interesting posts pretending to be about ketchup when really they're about catching-up!
I enjoy bad puns.

I finally finished my Portal Turret blanket! You may remember it from my 2015 ketchup post where I had recently been to Fibrations and trying my hand at all kinds of fiber crafts.

It is kinda hard to get a good photo of my blanket, as there is no surface in my new place that is big enough to take a photo of it all laid out.
As you can see here, it's smooshed up against various things in my living room. 

Here the blanket is on my bed. It's a queen sized mattress, so I guess it's a queen sized blanket!
I know, I know, the ends aren't weaved all in. But if you look closely at the top half, I have done some! It's a lot of little work.
I also think I want to crochet around the edges to really tie the whole thing together. Give it a nice border.

I will also be backing it with a lovely fabric that I found at Spoonflower, just as soon as I can afford several feet of it.

So yes! This is Portal blanket was 672 squares of awesome! 21 by 32 squares. SO MANY SQUARES!! I think next I would love to do the companion cube blanket. Interestingly enough, I chose to do the turret over the cube initially because the cube was more squares. But when I decided to turn the turret into a whole blanket (all the light blue squares you see), it ended up being a bunch more! So now the companion cube blanket doesn't seem as daunting. This one only took about 18 months on and off.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my lovely blanket.

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