Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thoughts on Coral

So I'll admit.
I haven't been all that focused on yarnbombing lately.
After International Yarnbombing day at the beginning of summer, I kind of trailed off dramatically. But do not dispair! I have sti;ll been crocheting.
Truth is, I have been focusing on more personal projects.
I have been working on a crochet suit of armor, a Link (from legend of Zelda) costume (with sword and shield), and my personal favorite, wall coral reef.

Here is the original one the I did for a friend of mine. She wanted something to remind her of her time in Thailand and in colors of her wedding (trip to Thailand was the honeymoon), green and pink.
So I made this!

I had so much fun doing it and it seems to be popular, I want to try making small ones (this one is a foot around, so kind of like a pizza!) because wee crochet is always cute.
Anyway, I hope you think crochet coral reef is as cool as I do!

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