Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fibrations 2012

I'm tired everyone.
I walked around the Fibrations festival for a few hours today. I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time and in some cases, not since last year.
Anyway, the first amazing thing that happened was that I went over to the demo booth, and who should be displaying there but Nerdigurumi! Ever since I found their site through looking for a Bioshock Big Daddy pattern, I have visited it often to see what other new awesome patterns they will create (they also have an amazing Prince from Katamari that I have posted on my Katamari tumblr!) So you can imagine what it was liking meeting the actual creator behind these amazing creations.

After that wonderful experience, I ran across the Knotty by Nature table and talked with owner Ryan. We discussed hand spinning. I would love to get into it, but first I wanna tackle felting.
There were a lot of tables focusing on felting.

Then I wandered around the festival looking for my friend Dela. I met Dela last year at the festival. She was teaching the Tunisian crochet demo. To celebrate the fact that I have known Dela for a whole year, I made her a wall crochet coral reef.

I love making these things. Thankfully, they are as well recieved by the people that I make them for. Dela loved her reef. And she gave me a small tuniscian crochet hook too!
Dela is such a wonderful woman.

After a while, I met up with my friends and we visited a bunch more booths and learned more about fibre and fibre arts. Also, since it was in an orchard, we snagged a bunch of apples so I can make pie.

I did two yarn bombs while I was at the festival as well.
The first, before I actually got to the festival, but was on St. Ann's Academy grounds, I threw up into a tree. It was the rainbow bolas that I made ages ago!

Finally put it up. I meant to do it for Pride this year, but I was deathly ill, so that didn't happen. Instead, it made it's way into this tree today!

Second one was just after my friends and I left the festival. We were at a stop light waiting for it to change and my friend Brandy suggested I throw it into the tree above us. It worked out sorta well.

Not exactly where I wanted, but bolas never do go where I want them.

Either way, I had a crazy great day! Fibrations 2012 was an amazing success.

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