Saturday, May 15, 2010

A gift for a friend

So, I have these two good friends. They helped me out when things really sucked for me, when I didn't have a place to live.
Anyways, I decided that I would do something nice for them. See, they bought a new house and now it is looking pretty fab, because they have spent the last 6 months fixing it up. One of my friends showed me her garden out front, which included a little gnome and his acompanying toadstool. I was inspired to add to her little garden.
Tada! I saw someone do rocks for a beach and got inspired to do my own rocks. Once I did them though, I wasn't sure what to do with them.          
I think they make a perfect addiction here though. I didn't tell my friend that I tagged her garden though. I am just waiting to see if she see's they and realizes it was me or not.
You can see the gnome in this one... not really the toadstool, but the gnome. And the birdbath.
My friends garden is really quite pretty.
I can't wait to make more of these rocks. Perhaps I should do a series of them where I leave knitted (ok, crocheted) rocks in random places. That sounds like fun.


  1. Nice! I have made some knitted rock covers - the first one disappeared right away (it was at a small public park) and the 2nd one was placed by KS4 on a hiking trail. It also seemed to have disappeared, but it had only been relocated a little distance up the trail, which tickled us so! After a couple of weeks it too went bye-bye. I am going to make more and leave them in less public spots to see the response. A small pile would be fun, like you did for your friend.

    Your new friend from

    Crew Leader (well, it's like herding cats),
    SK1 =0)

  2. Yes! I am pretty sure it was on your site that I saw the rocks covered with yarn. I knew I saw it somewhere. That's so cool!

  3. Love the rocks, they continue to live around the birdbath and will probably be there until they disintegrate.