Saturday, May 15, 2010

re up

I do have a new tag post that I will put up shortly. I am trying to sort out some internet stuff on the side.
In the mean time though, I have this for you!
Yes yes, you have seen this one before.
Funny story.
So obviously, I put this one up at least a month back. And I never went back to check on it. My gf said it wasn't there anymore when she went by a while afterwards.
So I was wandering around over there the other day, noticed it wasn't there, but that's when I noticed it was on the ground. Someone had just cut what was attaching it to the pole, but not the actual tag itself.
Of course, I grabbed it and simply reattached it. It was a little dirty from being in the leaves and bramble and such, but it still looks great. I dusted it off a bit before reattaching it.
Hopefully it stays up there a bit longer, but I am sure I can play this game with whoever as long as they want to play.
Enjoy! I'm off to the book fair!

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