Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day out with friends


This is Dave. Dave really approves of my yarn bombing. I should tell him that I'll teach him crochet and he can do it with me.

This Victoria day (yesterday) I decided to get some sunshine and hang out in some local parks with my friends. Now an oppurtunity like this for tagging cannot be passed up, so I threw some tags in my bag and away we went.

Before me and my other buddy met up with Dave, I decided to try my hand at those fence hearts some taggers have done.
For my first try, I like to think I did pretty good. More of them all over would have been cool, but of course my friends showed up right as I was doing it, so some of the mystery was lost.

Then we all went for an epic walk. We crashed on this bench and watched all the dogs go by. As we rested, I threw on this little tag that I made while waiting on my gf to get out of the book fair last week.

I like it. It's brightly colored. I was just goofing off with trying different patterns of color.
Next stop, different patterns of pattern!

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