Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beacon hill Tree earrings

I wanted to do a fancy, lacey tag for my friends fantastic new bike.
But needless to say, I don't know how XD
I will keep trying at it, but my attempt fell somewhat short of what I was hoping to do.
So instead of being upset that it didn't work out, I attached them to a tree in beacon hill park.

I think they are a subtle contribution to the loveliness that is the park. So subtle you can barely see them.

I love being there, with all the ponds, and ducks, and geese, and peacocks and squirrels XD
I hope they all enjoy my lil tag.
Today was just such an awesome day.


  1. i love your tree earrings ... and perhaps some trees here in the 'burbs shall be sporting a little bling ...

  2. Bling! That is an awesome idea!
    To be honest, they were scraps that needed some love, but now I am thinking about making actual bling for trees.
    Beth, you're a genuis!