Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bike ride to Mattick's farm: Contribution piece

Today, my friend and I went on a bike ride to Mattick's farm. It's a neat little place with some shops, a wonderful country style grocery store, and a miniature golf course (or two 18 hole courses to be exact). Our interest this time round was in the mini golf, as it is one of my favorite past times.
Long story short, I beat my friend XD
On our way there however, I stopped to put up a couple tags.
When we first went on this bike ride, we passed a house that had all this stuff by the side of the road. Art stuff. Gnomes, painted rocks, glass works. All kind of art stuff creating this side of the road display. It even had a radio playing music that you could listen to as you went by.
I loved it.
So like Rico's Fan-Ta-Sea Isle, I really wanted to add to it.

Thus, I contributed my Hufflepuff tag to this lovely woman's art display.
There was even a marker and a lil book that you could write stuff in. So I wrote about how awesome her thing was, left my blog addy, and went on my merry lil way.

We played our golf, and then as we were heading back, I noticed that the display looked different. There was more art, and oddly enough there was something hanging from my tag.

I went closer to look and realized that the lady's whose house this was at had added the tag, along with some other art.

It was super touching to be able to work with this woman, even anonymously.
What a marvelous day!

P.s. There was more written on the back of this note, now that I look at the pictures I took. I don't know what it said, but now I feel the need to go back and find out.

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