Monday, August 23, 2010

Bridge Protection

I have recently gotten in the habit of tagging my friends bikes.
They like it, I like it, brings attention to yarn, so it's win/win for everyone.

But I have been having trouble with one friends bike. He has a lot going on with it already, so there isn't really a place for me to easily place a tag.
I did come up with an idea though: To put a shield on the front of his bike, like a knight jousting (but bicycle instead of noble steed XD).

It didn't fly though. I should also mention that my friend has a broom on top of his helmet, emulating the Marvin the martian style. It was slightly thematic, but he said it was all too bold. -Pfft-

Anyway, the shield that I made for his bike, ended up being the lovely centerpiece for this bridge, over looking Victoria's lovely *coughshittycough* new Uptown complex. Bah.
In case you were wondering, the images are as follows: An X, the infinity symbol (which didn't show up well in these images due to flash), a fleur de lis, and a red dragon XD


  1. that shield is made of awesome!!! Love the dragon :)

    Angela, knitluck

  2. Thanks! I was super glad that it actually turned out so well XD