Friday, November 4, 2011


So, if any of you were wondering, here's a look back on how some of my tags are doing.

Remember the bolas's that I threw into the trees on campus?
Well here is a more recent shot of them. Ok, well July... so not recent, but they are still there. I see them all the time on my way to class.

And that's from back in January! Still there! Even if they are a little worn and faded.
Next we have the cover for the metal power box at the Gazebo. If you recall, this one was put up in May of 2010. This is what it looks like more recently.

The blue is still quiet blue, but the flowers have all come undone and it is constantly covered in pine needles from all the trees above it. It's not so pretty anymore, but I am so impressed with how long it has lasted.
And remember that it was originally covered in this. So wow for it lasting since 2010!

Remember the camo pole outside Beacon Hill park? It went up in August. And it is still there!

What surprises me is that it's in such an open area, and is still there. I mean, it's on Douglas street!
Granted, it's getting water logged, and the top is stretching and tearing, but it's still there!

Last but not least, all but one of my Beacon Hill fall tags are gone.

Only this one remains. Which is nice, cause it is one of the prettier ones.
So yeah. There is an update on what tags I know of that are still up and around in the world.
These make me so happy to come across in my day to day life.
I hope they make you smile too.

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