Friday, November 4, 2011

Fourth of November: Day 4 of 21 day of Yarnbombing

Hey everyone. Back again for day 4 of 21 days of yarnbombing.
So far everything is going well. I checked up on the spider and he is still hanging out outside, swinging care-free in the wind.
Today is my best friend/roommates birthday, so we went around town a lil bit.
I was feeling a bit better, so this worked out.
We picked up some David's Tea (awesome tea!) and then headed down to beacon hill park.
Before even entering the park, I tagged the dog sign.

Because it's before the park.. and why not? I dunno. I just have wanted to put one on this pole for awhile.
We always pass it on our way back from tacos in cook street village.

I had a lot of fun today.
Happy birthday Roommate!

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