Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tenth of November: Day ten of 21 days of Yarn bombing

Hey! You're never going to believe this!
Not only are all of day 5 (except that one we already knew was missing) and day 6's flowers still at the school...

But someone added their own little poppy to the mix!
I'm really glad they a) liked the flowers and b) enough to add their own art to it.

Kids are great.
Anyway, on to day 10!
Ok, originally, I had big plans for today. Then city workers came along and fixed the pole I intended on tagging, so now I am with out a pole. -sigh-
I will keep my eye open, but likely I will end up bombing it outside these 21 days of awesome.

In the mean time, here is day 10's beautiful tag.

I went back to the playground that hosts the wonderful little flowers and did this pole cover on part of the structure.

I really hope the kids like this too.

See you back for day 11!

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