Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second of November: Day two of 21 day of Yarnbombing

Look everybody!
I did day 2!
I`m just proud of myself because I have migraine headaches rampaging through my brain and it was raining most of today... but I did it! I left the house and helped out my community while I was at it.

Ok, so turns out a good friend of mine, Shayne (who was also nice enough to take these photos and then post them to my facebook wall because my phone died and I didn't have my camera with me), has this good friend who owns a vintage store. They are the wonderful Sideshow Sam, and she runs Sam's Sideshow boutique. Anyway, she ran into some trouble with the 1% and reached out to the community for help. There is not a faster way to get me to help someone.
I will spend money I do not have to help businesses survive. I think independent businesses are the face of a community, the very soul of a city center.

While I was there spending money I don't have ( omg, I got the most amazing shirt and these great punk pants) I decided to add a little yarn bomb to Sam's front entrance. She got super excited by this, and I told her I would plug her store too, cause that is what yarn bombing is sorta about. Community and coming together and that sort of thing.

Today was a good day people... even if I am under the weather.
Let's cross our fingers for being back tomorrow!


  1. it's still up :) and still makes Sam and I smile <3

    1. Awww wow! Shayne, you are a sweet heart. I am so glad that I could do that for Sam and I love how supportive you are. <3