Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wasted Summer

Not even wasted in a good way.
This summer has been a bore. Sure, there were some good things, but I did not get out and do all the tagging that I wanted to. Especially with this being IYBD's first year, I thought I would get out there and do more.
Alas, school and work always take over, and the best I can do is make swatches in front of the tv after a 10 hr shift.
Anyways, this is mostly me whining about summer drawing to a close.
On to more important things, like the fact that I actually got out last night and did a yarn bomb!
Last time me and my roommate went to Beacon Hill Park, we saw a naked pole. I decided to devote some of my awesome new camo yarn to making this pole invisible!

What do you think?
I realize it's dark. perhaps I should ride back down to the park today and see if it is still there, and snag some day time shots.

Either way, I think it turned out nice. This was the first time I have done a whole pole, and not that little half pole over by my gf's mom's house.
Hope you like!
(seriously! It's like the pole is invisible! xD)

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