Sunday, July 24, 2011

Absent minded

So sorry peeps.
It's not like me to not post a tag and have it up for awhile and then have it come down, all the while I haven't said tickity boo to any of you.
So again, apologies.
Here's the tag.

I did the pole again.
It is such a lovely pole.
I am a huge fan of the camo swatch at the bottom. I think for the next pole cover, I may do it all in alternating camo colors.

Cause I do love me a pole cover. Even if they do keep coming off.

In other news, the person who did IYBD is doing something is August where everyone tags things with those little feet. I had been in the process of making some feet anyway, so I cannot wait.
Meanwhile, I want to go back to the beach.


  1. I made a little foot! its the first real thing ive ever crocheted hurray, is there a page online about the little feet project?

  2. This is the second in a series on the 7 deadly sins of memory. In this one.

  3. I know that the woman who did the IYBD had something on her facebook page about the day of little feet yarn bombing, but I think I missed it.