Sunday, August 28, 2011

Achievement completed: Tag ship dock ring!

Today was vaguely an homage day.
First, I was inspired by the works of knit the city. They just recently did a tree where they hung a bunch of octopus from the branches.

I love the googly eyes. I really do keep meaning to go pick some up. (photo credit goes to knitthecity)
I decided to make my own octopus and hang it for passerbyers to see.

I spent today down at the beach with one of my best friends. He's visiting, and today was his last day, so BEACH!
I love it down by the beach. I have already mentioned how I totally meant to spend more time there.
Anyway, I also did this lovely rock while we were watching the tide come in around us.
That's not really an homage such as it is my fav thing to do at the beach.

The next homage was the one that I have been wanting to do all summer!
A Ship dock ring! You know, those rusted out rings that are along coastal waters where they used to tie up something or other, I have no real clue. It is just always slightly awing to see things from the past right out in the open.
Leanne from did a ship dock ring. The photos are actually in the yarnbombing book.
But here, I will show you.

I wanted so very much to do something like that as well.
So today when we were out at ogden point and I saw one right there on the rocks, I just had to do it.
My good friend was nice enough and patient enough to sit there while I created the whole tag.
I then attached it and wahla!

I love it personally. I am so glad that I did this.
It feels good to achieve goals.
Enjoy your last days of summer!

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  1. The ship ring and octopus look fantastic, Spencer!