Friday, September 2, 2011

Bike ride before school

Hey everybody!
So I went for a bike ride today. I am very exhausted. Very, very exhausted. And my bum hurts, but you don't need to hear about that.
Anyway, the thing I love most about bike rides is that I get to go to a lot of places I wouldn't normally go, and therefore, get to tag!
The first tag I did was on a dock, hidden away off swan lake. Wasn't that hidden away since we saw a couple people while we were there, but still.

The view was amazing, but the water was super gross looking.
(you can sorta see the button I put on it that has the url to this blog!)

Our ultimate destination was Mattick's farm, so we could play Mini golf (on a side note, I beat my roommate at both rounds of mini golf). If any of you remember from last year, and the last time that I went on a bike ride with my roommate, I did a hufflepuff tag on this woman's art display.
Well guess what? A year later and it is still there!

Here is an updated shot of the hufflepuff tag. It looks a little color faded, but wouldn't you be after a year in the rain, sun and sorta snow?
(I love the sign that reads that all her art is upcycled. I really wish I knew how she makes her stain glass... I also wish i had gotten some pictures of her stain glass...)

On the way back, I did a wonderful camo bike rack tag just off the lockside trail at Doris Page park.

I also took some artistic shots of the tag.

It's like: "Sneaking up on the wild yarnbomb."

It was an awesome bike ride. I was out all day. Now I think I will go to bed.
Happy yarnbombing everyone.


  1. button url idea is very smart!! ive been thinking of ways to take my pieces with my blog on it but hadnt found anything i really liked yet

  2. Yeah, I was really against the paper tags attached to it, just cause they can wash away real easy.
    The way I would love to do it is those fabric tags, like on the back of your shirt? Some famous yarnbombers (or perhaps more financially well endowed) use that to tag their work.
    I think I would need an official website before I did that tho.