Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been working on a lot of anigurumis and hats lately.
It's all in preparation for the business fair thingy that is going to be at my school next week. It's a chance for me to show people in the real world some of the things I can make. So I have been making as many items as possible. All the random things I have wanted to make for the past year I have hacked out rather quickly.
I mostly made a whole bunch of burgers.
So I could show you something like this.
Super burger!
I wonder if I can make it even taller.
This has been my favorite thing to make as of late. I have to make up some bacon within the next couple of days. But I know I was surprised at how big a hit these have been with people.
I hope you guys think it's as cool as I do.
I have also been working on a new and improved version of the sushi bathroom roll.
I wanted to make it more 3D and just generally more flashy.
I think it worked out alright. I am super happy about the shrimp. The orange is supposed to be carrots, and the green I think I was going for celery, but others have called it cucumber. I think when I do it again, I will try for that look.
Anyway, I should probably be working on the things I need for wednesday.
I have also been working on some stuff for Halloween. I hope I can make some awesome scary stuff.

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