Thursday, April 26, 2012

3KCBWWC: Wildcard entry - Perfect Day

So the wildcard entry asks bloggers to talk about their perfect craft day.

I know what I want out of a perfect craft day, because I have tried to create it.
For my birthday last year, I asked all of my friends to get me yarn. And then I wanted to spend the day with them making various swatches and then joining all these swatches together into and epic yarn bomb!

...sadly, things did not quite play out this way.
People did bring lots of yarn for me.
(all the yarn I got as gifts and the one swatch that got completed by guests... rather, guest)

But getting people to crochet (or knit, I wasn't forcing anything but yarn craft) was a lot harder than I anticipated.

So, my dream crochet day would be me, a group of awesome people that I care about, and bags full of yarn.
We would eat snacks, drink beers, and crochet and tell stories, until we had a huge pile of swatches in front of us.
(attempt to draw fantasy crochet day by me and paint)

Then we would all slip on our bearded hats and sneak out into the twilight and bomb something obvious with our giant swatch blanket.

After taking pictures of our glory, we would then return home and look at the photos recounting the glory of our yarn bomb.

That's what I really want out of my crafting. A sense of community and belonging that seems to come naturally to the fuzzy world of yarn craft.

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