Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3KCBWDAY3: Your Yarn Hero

This was the real Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 challenge for me.
You see... I have coming to this yarn calling via some interesting roads. So I guess my heros (cause in the end I could not decide) all helped me become this yarn loving bomber that I am.

It started when my girlfriend took a liking to street art and all types of graffiti. She took out Yarnbombing: The art of Crochet and Knit graffiti by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain.
(Picture of my girlfriend reading Yarnbombing book)
She said it was probably something I would be into. So I read it too.

Then I went to the dollar store the next day, bought a 5mm hook because 5 is my favorite number, and then a thrift store for a bag of yarn.
One youtube video later and I was making very warped bright red crochet squares... or badly shaped rectangles actually.
So in a lot of ways, My girlfriend is my Hero for getting me started on this path.
And so is Leanne Prain, because not only did her book get me started, but her blog has also mentioned me a couple of times.
Like the time she mentioned a knit in and I ended up being the events yarnbomber.
Or for International Yarnbombing Day 2011.
Or when a tourist sent a picture of the dock ring bomb I did in emulation of Leanne's bomb. 

There has also been people who have supported my work and yarnbombing like Dela (who taught me Tunisian crochet and has supplied me with lots of awesome yarn and fantastic opportunities to bomb) and Jill who loved all the cute little projects I have made and enjoyed the thrill of yarnbombing even though it freaked her out.
          (Me bombing the opening of KBN that Dela told me about, and Jill making sure no one is coming)

And then there is always my grandmother. Whose attempt to teach me knitting when I was about 8 years old stuck with me my whole life, even if knitting didn't. She is my Hero in a lot of ways.

Whew. Long entry. I hope you enjoyed reading it though.

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