Monday, April 23, 2012

3KCBWDAY1: The color red

Hey everybody!
So this year I decided to take part in the Crochet and Knitting blog week 2012 put on by eskimimimakes.

Today's topic is color!
Some of the questions about color were do you have one color that dominates your stash? And why do you chose the colors you do for a project?
For me, the answer is red.

(yeah ok, pink too... it is kind of like red!)
I just went through my stash this week in an attempt to better organize, and there was an overwhelming amount of red.
Even this Dalek hat I made is red!

It's my favorite color and I obviously favor it for my yarn works.
Including some yarn bombs!

So for me, it's painting the town red.
Do you have a favorite color? Does it translate into your yarn works?

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  1. Red goes well with everything - I wish I would introduce more red to my colours!