Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2: Photography challenge in the form of a picnic

Well here we are, back for day 2.

I have to admit, I have been most excited for day 2, because I love photography. I just wish I had a better camera for it.
However, since this challenge was important to me, I recruited the help of a friend and there fancy camera, and took these lovely pictures of my indoor picnic.
Here is the spread in all its glory. We have burgers, corn, baked potatoes, hot dog, sheskabobs and delicious watermelon. Not to mention a kick ass candelabra. Every picnic needs a candelabra.
And here I am enjoying some of that delicious watermelon. (Mmmmm! Yarn!)

This whole picnic set up is part of my instillation for International Yarn Bombing Day, which is June 9th this year.
Here are a couple close up shots of the food.

Let's all try and get out for a real picnic soon!
And if you really like any of my picnic photos, be sure to nominate them here. Thanks!


  1. oooh this is so much fun, lovely looking picnic!!

    1. Thanks so much! That blanket was hard work.

  2. Look's good enough to eat!! love your beard hehe

  3. Wow, that's seems like a lot of work! I love it.

  4. Excellent! Everything looks so tasty:)

  5. It's so amazing what some people can do with a hook and some yarn. Great interpretation of the topic!

  6. What a wonderful picnic. :-)

  7. That's quite a feast you've created! And I love the beard hat, too.