Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been working on a lot of anigurumis and hats lately.
It's all in preparation for the business fair thingy that is going to be at my school next week. It's a chance for me to show people in the real world some of the things I can make. So I have been making as many items as possible. All the random things I have wanted to make for the past year I have hacked out rather quickly.
I mostly made a whole bunch of burgers.
So I could show you something like this.
Super burger!
I wonder if I can make it even taller.
This has been my favorite thing to make as of late. I have to make up some bacon within the next couple of days. But I know I was surprised at how big a hit these have been with people.
I hope you guys think it's as cool as I do.
I have also been working on a new and improved version of the sushi bathroom roll.
I wanted to make it more 3D and just generally more flashy.
I think it worked out alright. I am super happy about the shrimp. The orange is supposed to be carrots, and the green I think I was going for celery, but others have called it cucumber. I think when I do it again, I will try for that look.
Anyway, I should probably be working on the things I need for wednesday.
I have also been working on some stuff for Halloween. I hope I can make some awesome scary stuff.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I think I have an obsession

Bearded hats man. That is so where it is at.
I think I might have an obsession with making them.
That first white one was fun. My own personal attempt at free handing the beard. Couldn't really duplicate it though.

(here's a refresher pic in case you forgot what it looked like xD)

And then there was the green beard that went on that hat (and seems to have stayed on that hat... it just fit better on the hat). I had to buy a pattern for that. Not that I use it. It didn't really work for what I wanted, so I used it to learn some new stitch techniques.

There's also the one that I made for my friend Talon.

And the one I made for my friend Jen.

And now, now there is the best one yet.
Everyone, I present....-insert drumroll here-

The Viking hat!
I know it's not the best one out there. Believe me, I have been looking at all the one's out there.
(also, I look like a goof in these pictures xD)

But either way, this thing is gonna be super awesome to wear about this winter/fall.

Last days of summer

I hadn't had the oppurtunity to hang out with my friend Chelsea over the summer.
So when I found out that she was yet again in one of my psyc classes, we decided to hang out after. It being such a lovely wednesday afternoon, we decided to do said hanging at the beach.
Peeps, you will never believe this, but my dock ring was still there! Well over a week later! I was pleasently shocked.
Anyway, we hung out on a rock and watched the tide come in. Seiously, I need to go again when the tide is out, it's much cooler.

I decided to do up some rock bombs, and incidentally ended up teaching Chelsea to crochet.
All together it was a lot of fun.

Here's one of the camo rocks I did.

The red one.

The awesome orange one.

And last... hey wait a minute

This camo one is hiding so well I can barely see it.
Haha, just kidding.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tall Tale Books little hero

So, some of you might remember that last august, there was a knit in at Tall Tale books.
I had so much fun, and I tagged the door for them.
Well, they had a bit of trouble a little while back.
And being a locally owned and operated business, they called on the community for help. Thankfully, the community answered resoundingly and helped save the wonderful local children's book store.
Anyway, I really like the place. It has a wonderful charm, and they were the first place that hosted a knit-in that I actually participated in.
It's also where my roommate first crocheted.
I decided, because they were such a wonderful part of my early crochet career, to crochet an amigurumi of their mascot!

She's a cute little doll.
Drew, one of the owners, looked really happy that I thought of them.

All in all, it has been a great experience.
I hope to have many more with the wonderful people at Tall Tale books.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bike ride before school

Hey everybody!
So I went for a bike ride today. I am very exhausted. Very, very exhausted. And my bum hurts, but you don't need to hear about that.
Anyway, the thing I love most about bike rides is that I get to go to a lot of places I wouldn't normally go, and therefore, get to tag!
The first tag I did was on a dock, hidden away off swan lake. Wasn't that hidden away since we saw a couple people while we were there, but still.

The view was amazing, but the water was super gross looking.
(you can sorta see the button I put on it that has the url to this blog!)

Our ultimate destination was Mattick's farm, so we could play Mini golf (on a side note, I beat my roommate at both rounds of mini golf). If any of you remember from last year, and the last time that I went on a bike ride with my roommate, I did a hufflepuff tag on this woman's art display.
Well guess what? A year later and it is still there!

Here is an updated shot of the hufflepuff tag. It looks a little color faded, but wouldn't you be after a year in the rain, sun and sorta snow?
(I love the sign that reads that all her art is upcycled. I really wish I knew how she makes her stain glass... I also wish i had gotten some pictures of her stain glass...)

On the way back, I did a wonderful camo bike rack tag just off the lockside trail at Doris Page park.

I also took some artistic shots of the tag.

It's like: "Sneaking up on the wild yarnbomb."

It was an awesome bike ride. I was out all day. Now I think I will go to bed.
Happy yarnbombing everyone.