Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June first is always one of my favorite days

Ketchup post!

So today, while I was downtown, I picked myself up an SD card for my phone so that I could get the pictures off of it. Yay!
So here's the set that I have wanted to show you guys for months.

Me and my gf were waiting for the bus one day and I used my lovely (at the time brand new) pink yarn with that slight orange twist in it to tag the bench at the bus stop.

I knew it had mere moments to live, given the high traffic area it was located in.
But when I returned to that bus stop a couple of days later, this is what I found.
I must say, I was really quite surprised to find anything there.
So I decided to repair it, because I was yet again there waiting for the bus.

But alas, when I returned later that week, it was gone all together.
Who knows where lost yarn bombs go?
I'm so glad my phone really acts as a camera now xD

Here's a little something I made for my bathroom. Not a yarn bomb, but entertaining none the less.

It's sushi! I call it the "Bathroom Roll".
I don't think it sounds very appetizing. I made this because, well I would normally just stick the extra roll under the sink, this bathroom is a little small and there's no room under the sink.
So sushi!

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