Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer never comes and a breath for the month of June

Wow. I know I have been gone for awhile, but let's just say entropy finally won over for chaos.
I had end of school/moving/two jobs/everything else.
But I did get some crocheting done in there as well!

Anyway, spring finally sorta broke on the island, so my friends and I went done to the beach (which is totally closer now) and I got the chance to do some yarn bombing!
I wanted to do more, but my one friend was being a downer. My gf on the other hand, collected rocks and shells and laid them out in her own display of art.
You can see them in this picture (you can see her leg too xD), as well as my beach anemone. But we'll get to that.
First off, we were walking along the path towards the beach, and I decided to tag a bench with this delightful scrape piece I have been working on in my free time during breaks and bus rides.
I really like the odd colors that I picked for it xD
(more of my gf xD)
After sitting on and tagging the bench, we headed down to the water.
I was looking for a nice secluded nook that we could hang out in and tag, but apparently everyone had that idea too... at least the hang out part.
I managed to do the beach anemone,
I am really impressed with myself making the stem all knobby and bent, so it really looks like a sea creature but on land.

 I also managed to tag this piece of drift wood that looked like it needed a flag more than my strange fungus ring tag.
But I didn't have a flag.
Just this cute lil tag. It was a little stressful getting it on there. I didn't want to fall and my hands were full of tools. I had to get my buddy to help me. I think it turned out well in the end.
It may not have been the most fun, but I was super happy to get out and do some yarn bombing.
In fact, would be out doing more right now, if it wasn't so damn miserable outside today. I hope summer comes soon.

In the mean time, look forward to June.
I have exciting plans for International Yarn Bombing Day, June 11th, and I am also having a yarn themed birthday party this year, towards the end of June. So hopefully June being full of yarn makes up for a lack luster last couple of months.
and on one last night... I have a few random yarn bombing shots on my phone, but I can't figure out how to get them off of my phone yet...